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Access Control

Who When Where

Access Control is made up of electronic locks and various devices to identify a user such as card readers, smartphone and watch interfaces, fingerprint readers, facial recognition cameras and more.

Unlike traditional keyed locks an access control system allows you to grant or deny access to areas in your building immediately and to also dictate what times people are able to enter.

Intruder Alarms

Monitor Alert Detect Take Action

Intrusion systems are traditionally used with detectors such as Motion Detectors, Door Reed Switches and infrared beams to detect when an unauthorised person has entered your building. Upon detecting an event the intrusion system can alert a monitoring centre, on site security or send a notification to a smart phone.

The Inner Range Multipath IP monitoring solution offers encrypted IP and Cellular communications to monitoring stations to ensure critical alarm information is always transmitted.

Smart Buildings

Connected Controlled Efficient Green

Smart Buildings are sometimes compared to the internet as they are made up of multiple interconnected systems which can communicate with each other instantly.

Connecting our powerful open platform along with our vast array of Apps, Integrations Plugins and Automation Features means we cannot only connect to a smart building system but we can act as the central controller and communication point for systems such as CCTV, Lighting, Intercoms, Heating, Cooling, Visitor Management or many other 3rd Party Systems.

The Power of a Unified Platform

Lower Initial Outlay Simplified Operation Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Inner Range systems provide access control and intruder alarm functionality within a single system, as opposed to the traditional model of installing two separate systems to achieve this functionality. A unified platform Reduces Equipment, Installation and Maintenance Costs, and Dramatically simplifies operation allowing access cards to control security areas, and providing users with only one software application they need to learn. When combined with Integriti’s vast integrations, Inner Range solutions provide a truly unified security platform with Access Control, Intruder Alarm, CCTV and Building Automation all managed from a single interface.

Cyber Security at Inner Range

Cyber security is one of the most significant threats facing organisations today. Networked Security and Access Control systems are a potential point of vulnerability and thus these systems must be designed and installed to provide customers with the safest possible solution. Inner Range is continuously evolving its cyber security efforts to ensure our products, systems and processes keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats. To learn more about how Inner Range products are cyber hardened please download our cyber security statement here.

Why Choose an Inner Range System?

Some of the world’s largest organisations and most secure military sites have chosen Inner Range to protect their staff and assets.

Over 50,000 Inner Range systems installed across 25 countries
For over 30 years, Inner Range has been proven to be a powerful and reliable solution. With thousands of systems installed, from single door applications to multi site global installations, customers across the globe trust the reliability, functionality and value of Inner Range systems.

A network of over 5000 certified System integrators across the globe

Inner Range has a comprehensive factory training and certification process that ensures System Integrators are fully equipped to successfully install and maintain Inner Range systems. The Where To Buy section of this website contains a directory of qualified Inner Range system integrators to assist our customers find the perfect partner for their installation.

Easy and Intuitive Operation

Inner Range understands that the people using our systems may not always be security experts which is why we ensure that our systems are intuitive and easy to use. This system can be controlled from simple software applications, web interfaces, smart phones and even smart watches

No Lock In Software License Costs

When customers purchase an Integriti system, they pay once and can use the software for life. Many manufacturers in the Enterprise access control industry force their customer to pay annual license fees which can double or triple the total cost of ownership of an access control system

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