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    Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face through technology.
  • How facial recognition works....

    You might be good at recognizing faces. You probably find it a cinch to identify the face of a family member, friend, or acquaintance. You’re familiar with their facial features — their eyes, nose, mouth — and how they come together.
  • Who uses facial recognition?

    A lot of people and organizations use facial recognition — and in a lot of different places.
Facial Recognition


There are different facial recognition techniques in use, such as the generalized matching face detection method and the adaptive regional blend matching method. Most facial recognition systems function based on the different nodal points on a human face. The values measured against the variable associated with points of a person’s face help in uniquely identifying or verifying the person. With this technique, applications can use data captured from faces and can accurately and quickly identify target individuals. Facial recognition techniques are quickly evolving with new approaches such as 3-D modeling, helping to overcome issues with existing techniques.

There are many advantages associated with facial recognition. Compared to other biometric techniques, facial recognition is of a non-contact nature. Face images can be captured from a distance and can be analyzed without ever requiring any interaction with the user/person. As a result, no user can successfully imitate another person. Facial recognition can serve as an excellent security measure for time tracking and attendance. Facial recognition is also cheap technology as there is less processing involved, like in other biometric techniques.  


Teravision 8 inch Face Recognition with Temperature
Teravision 5 inch Face Recognition Machine_1
Teravision 8 inch Face Recognition Machine_2
Teravision 5 inch Face Recognition Machine_3
Teravision Turnstile Adaptor
Teravision Wall Mounting Adaptor
Teravision Telescopic Adapter
Teravision Wall Mounting

Facial Recognition (Access,CCTV,Temp,Mask)

We developed a terminal combining real-time facial recognition and automatic temperature measurement, mask detection, CCTV (RTSP Stream), Weigand (Out & In) to help with current measures for personel control.

As an upgrade of our facial recognition terminal series.

Temperature  measurement is based on the Melexis MLX90614DCI Infrared Thermometer device.

Teravision TeraPass Face system is NOT a medical device.

It is NOT intended to be used as a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of a disease, injury or disability; compensation for an injury or disability; investigation of the anatomy or of a physiologic process.

Facial Recognition with Temperature

  • Voice Prompt
  • Screen Prompt
  • Contactless Detection
  • Facial Recognition Access Control and Attendance
  • Facial Mask Identification
  • Weigand Output
  • 8 inch Screen 

Face Recognition

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